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Guide to Hamster Genetics

This page is devoloping, but you can check out what it is so far.

Dwarf Genetic Terms
Reccesive Gene - A reccesive gene is a gene which can be carried among hamsters. A hamster must have two copies of a certain gene to appear the color of the gene. But a hamster can carry a certain gene and not have it show up at all in the coat. Most genes are reccesive.
Dominant Gene - A dominant gene is a gene that cannot be carried. But, breeding a reccesive gene to a dominant one would produce a reccesive color platinum or mottled. The dominant genes are mottled and platinum. If you breed 2 dominant genes together, it will produce some eyeless whites and some might be reabsorbed into the mother. You shoudln't ever breed dominants together.
Eyeless Whites - Eyeless Whites (or toothless whites) are white hamsters that have no eyes or teeth. They don't usually live past 2 weeks, but if they do, they are the same tiny size for the rest of their life. Eyeless Whites are the result of breeding two dominant genes together.

Below are the list of Basic Genes.

Black, or aa, is a single gene color. It is one of the genes that silvers. It is a reccesive gene, meaning that a hamster has to have two of these genes to appear black. But, the black gene can be carried and not show up at all.
Argente (pp) is a rust-like colored single gene. Among the two types of argente (RE & BE), the one with red eyes is considered "argente" and the one with black eyes is considered "black-eyed argente". But to clear up confusion, most people say RE (red eyed) and BE (black eyed) argente. Argente is a reccesive gene and does not silver.
The albino gene is a unique color. Albino, or cc, is a single gene and is reccesive. The hamster appears completely white with red eyes. Albino is so unique because it covers up all of the other genes it carries. Therefore if a hamster has 2 black genes, 2 normal genes, and 2 albino genes, the albino shows up. Every time it covers the other genes. That is why there are no combined albino colors.
Opal (dd) is a single gene. It is reccesive, so it needs 2 opal genes to appear opal. Being reccesive, though, means that it could be carried and not show at all.

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