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Hamster Haven

Hello! I am Sarah Beard, and hamster nut located in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of my favorite hobbies is breeding Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamsters. Hamster Haven has all the info on these little ones. I sell Dwarf Campbells here and occasionally breed and sell Syrians. I am an 11 year olds. I am currently studying Campbell genetics and I am getting good! I breed normally just for temperment and personality, but sometimes I may breed to get a litter of show quality hamsters.

I have some great photographs and drawings. Please note that the only way of getting a hamster is by driving to my house or to a meeting place. Shipping hamsters is illegal, and it's $100.00 or more to airline ship which is legal. Visit our Forum!                                         


What's The Squeak?

I am finally off my lazy butt and working on my site again! It will be finished pretty soon.
Hamster Haven's forum, the Official Hamster Haven Forum, is now finished! The link to it is below:

Official Hamster Haven Forum

I apologize that a lot of this website is not finished yet. You can surf what it is so far. I know you will think, "Boy, this place stinks!", but please add it to your favorites and check back frequently! I have a working scanner, so I have pictures of my own up!

Please E-mail me with any suggestions, comments, or questions. I am very happy to satisfy viewers.
HamsterHaven.com and related additions under copyright of Sarah Beard.  



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