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All About Me
All About Me
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Read about the weird hamster girl who made this website!

 Hello! I'm Sarah Beard. I'm the manager and creator of Hamster Haven. I like many things and activities, but Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamsters seem to pop out. That's why I started the whole Hamster Haven thing.


Under Construction


My Pets

 I live with lots of animals. When I was a baby, we had 4 dogs. Unfortunately, I was too little to remember. So I pretty much went dogless. But then we got beloved Reese, an almost 3 year old chocolate lab/ pitbull mix. He is like an angel sent down from heaven. He is a real sweetie! Adorable too! You'll see him to the left.
 Then my dad fell in love online with a picture of Blue, a 3 year old blue heeler/ german shorthaired pointer/ bluetick coonhound mix. My dad and I drove to Georgia to get him. Now, he's good. He's affectionate and listens when you say "off the couch", but he slobbers everywhere and runs away if given the chance.
     Now there's my dog Thor. He is a 1 year old lab/ english setter mix. My dad went to the humane society to get Blue some new dog tags, and saw Thor miserable and sad inside a tiny kennel. On his card, there was FREE stamped on it. His gas date was in 3 days! My dad wouldn't leave an adorable dog to be killed ever. So he brought him home. Imediately I fell in love with my Thor. I demanded that he was mine, and dad said he got him for me!
            Hamsters! With all the babies I got,

Under Contsruction!